In addition to its auditing services the Company also provides specialized consultancy. The fields where we express our opinion on problems set by clients are:

  • Application of tax legislation in a specific situation – a case set by a client of ours in writing;
  • Application of accounting legislation both within the day-to-day business of the Company and in more specific situations from the business reality;
  • Insurance legislation and its application in a given situation;
  • Application of the International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Consultancy on developing accounting policies of the company;
  • Business combinations – practical assistance in accounting thereof, etc.

   With all business of ours we seek to share our knowledge with our partners in order to improve their business result. Based on our longtime experience we have found out that our most efficient consultancy projects are those where the client and we work as members of the same team and each one brings their knowledge, experience and resources to implement the best possible solution.

  We have individual approach to our partners according to clients’ specific problems, needs and objectives.
  We seek to make clear what we are expected to do from the very beginning. We make analysis of the processes and structures, the resources available, the factors of influence, the options of development. 

  We define the specific situation. We provide recommendations, solutions and strategies to overcome problems and express an independent opinion on the solutions projected.

  In the process of work when a problem occurs it is immediately discussed with the client so that the required actions be promptly taken.

   We believe this is the only way to reach a reliable and longtime partnership.

   Some of our longtime partner companies that have used our consultancy services are:

- Ideal Standard Bulgaria JSC of Sevlievo,

- Ideal Standard Vidima JSC of Sevlievo,

- Baumit Bulgaria Ltd. of Elin Pelin, etc.